Anger Management sessions are an ideal way to learn skills to improve relationships in a variety of contexts. Our sessions are often taken to increase empathy, decrease stress and improve communication and listening skills. Our Anger management sessions is often sought out by Employers, Court ordered and self-referred  High profile and Account Executive Individuals.  

About the Sessions:

We offer both private and group sessions for our client's.  Each  session  is about 60 minutes. Sessions meet once every week. We do offer an accelerated format in which hours may be obtained at a faster pace.  (Call for accelerated details)

Hours: For individuals who are court ordered, the court or mandated entity will generally assign a level and or hours in which they wish for you to complete. If you are not court ordered, you will start at the Level 1. All Clients are welcomed and encouraged to complete more hours.


Level 1-12 hours

Level 2-26 hours

Level 3-52 hours



Hours: Mon - Fri  9am - 7pm

Toll Free: 1 877.891.5205

 Local: 305. 517.5905


Contact Information

Anger Management Locations:               

North Miami


Ft Lauderdale


Anger Management

Our classes are designed to be a fun, didactic, learning experience.

At The Essentials Center,  we are here to listen to your needs and help you accomplish your personal  enrichment goals in every way. 

We understand that enrolling in Anger Management sessions may require some sacrifice, so we developed a payment plan to help you get started right away. Call for details.