High Profile and Executive Clients These sessions are specifically for those high profile clients in need of private secure services to fulfil court and personal request. Location, scheduling and identity is always kept private.  Agents for high profile will find the registration process to be smooth and confidential. Agents are encouraged to call in for more details.

Divorce Education(Coming this Spring!)  Is a 6-HR workshop for those married individuals seeking separation with children 18 and younger. These workshops are mandated by the courts and necessary to obtain clearance for divorce in the some states. The  workshops are designed to equip divorcing parents with tools for a smooth transition to singlehood while protecting children from undue stress of feuding parents.  Workshops are limited to 20 participants at a time. Each workshop will cover all six hours in one setting, participants are encouraged to adjust schedules accordingly. Please note: These sessions are not designed for children.  Stay tuned for Registration dates.

Employee Anger Management Workshops  These workshops are designed to enhance employee performance and employee customer interactions. Employees in touch with their emotions and how to handle them are more likely to perform better at work which increases customer satisfaction resulting in increased  production and company growth.  Workshops are quick , effective and affordable.   Call in for more details.

Couples ConflictSessions are especially for couples struggling in the relationship with communication, disappointment and pride. The sessions encourage couples to use effective communication techniques to interact with  mate and children. These sessions are a "must have" if your relationship is in need of a tune up. 

‚ÄčPastor's and Leadership Workshops  These workshops are designed to assist Pastor's and church leadership with tools to handle all types of adverse, emotional and personal temperament issues within the ministry. Get your church on track and start experiencing growth today.  Workshops  held at your location, quick and powerful.   Become the God kind of leader, Get lifted.   Call for more details.